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International Workshop on
Sustainable Nutrient Management: Technology and Policy
May 28-31, 2008
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China


Proper nutrient management is a key component of intensive agricultural systems to meet increasing demand for food production and environmental protection. It requires integrated management of all nutrient resources, application of new technologies, implementation of best management practices at different scales, development of effective extension systems and support of suitable policy framework and institutional mechanisms.

This international workshop is organized by the College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University, and the Center of Agricultural Resources Research, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to bring together both national and international scientists to review, summarize, evaluate and recommend sustainable nutrient management technologies and best management practices in both crop and animal production to improve nutrient use efficiencies by 50% in China, discuss implications of bioenergy development, food security and environmental protection for fertilizer production and consumption in China, and recommend necessary policies.

Theme 1. Sustainable Crop Nutrient Management

Topic 1. Nutrient Management in China: Historical Development, Current Status and Challenges

Speaker: Dr. Fusuo Zhang, China Agricultural University

Topic 2. Challenges and Strategies to Address the Over-fertilization Issue in China
Speaker: Dr. Ruifa Hu, CCAP, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Topic 3. A Global Framework of Nutrient Best Management Practices
Speaker: Dr. Paul Fixen, IPNI, USA

Topic 4.Sustainable Nutrient Management in Intensive Agriculture: Worldwide Experiences
Speaker: TBD

Topic 5.Nutrient Best Management Practices in Rice
Speaker: Dr. Shaobing Peng, IRRI

Topic 6.Nutrient Best Management Practices in Wheat
Speaker: Dr. Mark Alley, Virginia Tech, USA

Topic 7.Nutrient Best Management Practices in High Value Crops
Organizer: Dr. Qing Chen, CAU

1. Sustainable Nutrient Management in Potato
Possible Speaker: Dr. Carl Rosen, University of Minnesota, USA

2.Sustainable Nutrient Management for Vegetable Production on the North China Plain
Speaker: Dr. Peter Christie, Queen's University Belfast, UK

3.Nutrient Best Management Practices for Specialty Crops: Case Studies in the US.
Speaker: Dr. Ashok Alva. USDA-ARS, USA

Topic 8. Sustainable Nutrient Management: What We Can Learn From Long-Term Experiments.
Speaker: Dr. B. A. Stewart, West Texas A&M University, USA

Topic 9. Ecosystem-based Nutrient Management
Speaker: Dr. Laurie Drinkwater, Cornell University, USA

Topic 10. Sustainable Nutrient Management: Perspectives from the Fertilizer Industry
Speaker: Dr. Axel Link, Yara International, Germany.

Topic 11. Policy Recommendations for Sustainable Nutrient Management.
Possible Speaker: Dr. Jikun Huang, CCAP, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Topic 12. Nitrogen in Agriculture - Crop Production, Environment and Policy
Speaker: Dr. David Norse, University College, London, UK

Topic 13. Technological Options and Strategies of Sustainable Nutrient Management in Maize Rotations
Speaker: Dr. Thanh H. Dao, USDA-ARS

Topic 14. Reflections on the talks of the abovementioned speakers by Chinese scientists and policy makers


Theme 2. Sustainable Nutrient Management in Animal Agriculture

Chair: Dr. Oene Onema, Wageningen University-Research Center, Netherlands

Topic 1:Impact of Changes in Animal Agriculture on Animal Feed Consumption and Environment: Implications for Nutrient Management
Speaker:Dr H. Steinfeld (FAO, It)

Topic 2:Overview of Current Nutrient Use Efficiency in Animal Production Systems in China
Speaker:Dr. Qingxiang Meng, China Agricultural University

Topic 3:Animal Breeding and Feeding Options to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency in Animal Production System
Speaker:Dr. Seerp Tamminga, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Topic 4:Animal Manure Processing Options to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency in Animal Production System
Speaker:Dr. Wim Rulkens, Wageningen University

Topic 5:Technological Options to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency in Animal Production System
Speaker:Dr. Jim Ferguson, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Topic 6. Integrated Strategies for Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency in Intensive Animal Production Systems by 50%
Speaker: Dr. Tom Sims, University of Delaware, USA

Topic 7:Policy Options for Increasing Nutrient Use Efficiency in Animal Production Systems
Speaker:Dr. Oene Oenema, Wageningen University-Research Center, Netherlands

Topic 8. Optimization of N:P:K Ratios in Fertilizer and Manure Management
Speaker: Dr. Bert Janssen, Wageningen University-Research Center, Netherlands

Topic 9. Reflections by Chinese scientists and policy makers


Theme 3. Bioenergy, Food Security, Environment and Fertilizer Demand


Topic 1. Food Security and Fertilizer Demand in China
Possible Speaker: Dr. Guoqiang Cheng, Development Research Center, State Council of China

Topic 2. Fertilizer Demand as Affected by Application Limits for Environmental Protection
Speaker: Dr. Gerard Velthof from Netherlands

Topic 3. Global Chemical Fertilizer Supply and Demand as Affected by Fertilizer Policy
Speaker: Dr. Patrick Heffer, IFA

Topic 4. The Fertilizer Supply-Demand Situation in U.S.
Speaker: Harry Vroomen, TFI, USA

Topic 5. Impact of Bioenergy Development on the Environment
Speaker: Dr. Jan-Willem Erisman, ECN, Netherlands

Topic 6. Future Bioenergy Development in China
Speaker: Prof. Xu Cheng, China Agricultural University

Topic 7. Reflections by Chinese scientists and policy makers


Main Partner

The Asia Soil Conservation Network for the Humid Tropics (ASOCON)

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