Functions and processes of the Gateway
How does the Gateway function? What is the common procedure? How do FAO and collaborators interact?

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An access point to global, regional and national reports compiled by FAO and the participating institutions worldwide.


Common process:

1. National/regional institution is identified.

2. The institution starts compiling national/regional report using Guidelines, Checklist and Internet Template provided by FAO.

3. Draft is sent to FAO for preliminary review.

4. The institution posts the final report on its local website and establishes hyperlink to the Gateway (this website) and vice versa. FAO assists institutions without access to local websites in hosting their reports on FAO website. The final reports are also disseminated on CD-ROMs.

5. Regular updating of the report by the institution.

6. Updating of the Gateway Home Page by FAO.




An entry point to the worldwide web of information on land, water and plant nutrition and related subjects.


Common process:

1. Organization and maintenance of FAO internal links, the global links by sector and database links, by FAO.

2. Contribution of the participating institutions and the users of this network to the enrichment of the new Internet links by means of the feedback function of the Gateway.


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Last updated: 21 March 2003