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This section lists what appeared in the "What's new" section of the Gateway homepage in the year 2002 and before.

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LUCC Newsletter 8 [20/12/02]

• Please participate in the E-mail Conference on "Water: Source of Food Security". Visit its Archive. [03/10/02]



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•2002 and prior


Caribbean and Latin American countries' list of portal sites (xls. 94kb) is available. [09/07/02]

• Latin American regional report is now available both in English/Spanish. [21/09/01]

• country reports are on-line;
Uruguay [12/12/02]
Peru[24/10/02]CD-ROM containing the entire document in PDF/Word is also available upon request.
Trinidad and Tobago [09/07/02]
Guatemala [01/07/02]

• "Soil degradation in Sardinia (Italy): main factors and processes" by A. VACCA is available in zipped ppt format (4.9mb). [10/12/01]

• Mediterranean participation to the Gateway was discussed at the 7th International Meeting on Soil with Mediterranean Type of Climate, held in Bari, Italy, 03-06/09/2001. Soil information on Mediterranean countries will become available from IAMB website in due course. [09/10/01]

• country reports are on-line;
Bosnia and Herzegovina [14/05/02]
Romania [04/01/02]
Poland [10/12/01]

• country reports are on-line;
Kenya [08/05/02]
Tanzania [13/03/02]
Senegal [21/09/01]

Land Resources Information Systems in the Near East - Proceedings to the Near East regional workshop (Cairo, 3-6/09/01) is available in PDF format (2.5MB). [24/12/02]

The Near East regional workshop was successfully held in Cairo, Egypt (3-6/09/01). Country reports are soon to come! [09/09/01]

• country reports are on-line;
Syria [22/07/02]
Morocco [09/07/02]
Yemen [06/06/02]
Tunisia [21/05/02]
Uzbekistan [18/04/02]
Turkey [10/04/02]
Lebanon [27/03/02]


• 3 Pacific country reports are on-line. Fiji, Kiribati and Samoa.[25/02/02]

Nepal country report is on-line.[21/09/01]

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